Uniti Core: Capacity

Since I bought my Uniti Core in 2017, I ripped a big part of my 5’500+ CD collection over the last few years while also downloading lots of new music in HiRes. From 2TB I switched to 4TB SSD storage, which has now app. 250 GB left. I’m prepared to switch to a 8TB SSD in the nearer future.

While making a full backup, I realized that at the moment there are almost 99’000 files on the Core. As far as I remember, the Core’s DB may handle up to 100’000 songs.
So, regardless of a bigger SSD I might reach the 100’000 limit at some point in the next few months, while ripping the rest of my collection and adding more new downloads.

That’s what Naim’s support answered me:

*You’re quite correct in that 100k is the number of tracks that we advise the Core to have as a maximum. The key word in that sentence is “advise”. We have tested up to 100k, so we can say confidently, that it can handle that number without issue. If you go over that number, we are unable to ensure that the library will work without issue, for the simple reason, that we have not tested above 100k. It might be that it is fine, and you can add a few more thousand, but it might also mean, that the Core will have issues reading the database. It’s one of those situations where you can try it, and see how you get on. But if it doesn’t work out too well, there’s not much more that we can say, other than you went over the 100k tested ceiling, so if it doesn’t work very well, that’ll be why.

My question to the community:
Has anybody already stepped over the 100k limit and what was your experience?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Welcome to the forum. muenzberg, The core is a good but somewhat limited device. Unfortunately I can’t answer your question as my own music collection is much smaller than yours and I stream a lot from Qobuz. You may have a little wait as I suspect most other core owners here will not have breached the “recommended” 100k song limit to be able to comment.

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