Uniti Core sort order

I’m looking into the getting a Uniti Core as I’m fed up of fighting streaming software on a variety of problems. I’ve got a couple of questions about sort order for albums and artists.

I have quite a few FLAC files with a SORT_ARTIST metadata tag. Musicbrainz, in particular, has an “artist sort” field that corresponds to that.

Does the Uniti Core know about artist (and album) sorting? How is the sort order presented to the Naim app for the upnp legacy Uniti and 1st Gen MuSo devices?

As I wrote that, is it the case that no one care about sort order because they search rather than browse. Does the Uniti Core make it easier to search for the legacy Uniti and MuSo devices?

Does the Uniti Core know about

I know it says 555 but it’s looking at the Core and the Core itself, should you wish to play through a DAC looks much the same. No idea about the legacy streamers though.

Thanks, it’s good to see a screenshot, but I think I knew you could do that. But that’s not the problem. For example, I have these FLAC tags:

ARTIST=Kate Bush

When I sort by artist, do I tap on “K” or “B”? Musicbrainz, I know, has a “sort artist” field so does the Uniti Core import and honour that? If it honours sorting tags in FLAC metadata, what are they actually called?

With the Naim servers your only option is to look under K. Their functions are very basic compared to other popular servers and metadata editors such as Asset, Minimserver or Roon so if this stuff matters to you then you may want to consider some alternatives.
Your Naim dealer should be able to let you have a go on a Core with the Naim app so that you can see for yourself before committing.

Thank you!

Core highly recommended jch, love mine, simple to use

Great product

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What other server software have you looked at? Asset can certainly deal with your artist sort issues to put Kate Bush under B.

I looked at Asset a long time ago, I can’t remember why it wasn’t suitable at the time. I need to look again based on yours and ChrisSU’s comments alone. It’s certainly a lot cheaper that a Uniti Core :slight_smile: and it’s not as though I don’t have enough suitable storage and devices to run it on.

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Also look at Minimserver, which is perhaps less user friendly than Asset but very versatile when it comes to metadata management.

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