Uniti Core updated, now can't see any music files!

Help, I just updated the Core through the Focal/Naim app on my iphone and can no longer find my music files. I’m really hoping there is an obvious way to correct this. Thanks.

Try turning off and unplugging from the mains, leave for 15 minutes or so and turn back on🤞🏽

Mine was OK till I ripped a CD after this my Core was missing from the app deleted and reinstalled the app and all is OK.Never had anything like this happen before.

As @Gazza says (but I don’t think you need to wait more than say one minute). And also stop and restart the app on your iPhone. If that doesn’t restore your happiness, read on.

Over the years I have occasionally had to wait while the Core reindexed all the music after a firmware update, although not recently. The reindexing (or music database rebuild) isn’t instantaneous. It takes say 10 minutes or so for 500 albums. If it doesn’t work automatically then I would suggest going into Settings on the Core in the Naim app and select Rebuild Music Database. This doesn’t delete any music and the Core will look for it all and the music should show up in the list of albums in the app in the afore-mentioned 10 minutes or so per 500 albums.

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Thank you, David. Trying the rebuild now…

I thought I should post the outcome to this issue. Rebuilding the music database restored the files.
Reinstalling the app also seemed to help. Now if I could just access the music files on my network drive…