Uniti Core won’t rip!

I have been doing a fair amount of ripping as I add to my collection. Maybe about 100 rips in the last two weeks or so. Today I put a CD in and it completed the Rip in a normal fashion, ejecting it at the end properly, though reporting many ripping errors.

The second CD stalled after track 4; the Uniti Core went silent. It sat there for a half hour before I gave up and hit “abort rip”. It didn’t eject; I had to use the paper clip method.

The third CD of the day was a mirror image of the one prior, even stopping and going silent after ripping track 4 and including the need to use a paper clip to eject.

The fourth CD of the day refuses to even start a rip, staying completely silent. The app shows that nothing is even attempted.

Is my Uniti Core down? Or, hopefully, there is something someone can recommend that will get it going again.



1 Press the Standby button and hold it while powering up the unit.

2 Continue holding for 20 seconds until the logo and front panel USB LED flash multiple times.

3 Release the Standby button.

4 The Core will revert to factory default settings.

The user must then reconfigure its Workgroup, Music Stores, and Music Shares when necessary.

Not 10 minutes after writing the initial message, it occurred to me to unplug it, so I did. I had dinner, and when I returned a half hour later and reattached the power cord, it decided to go back to work. Whew!
And glad I thought of it before following the “last ditch effort” instructions above. Thanks HIFiFoFum, I’ll keep them on hand and hope I never have to use them.
I should have thought of doing the unplug thing right away. Whenever anything electronic goes down, the instructions are often similar: unplug it, wait 10 seconds, reattach the power cord, etc. I’ve always thought that made no sense, but obviously it changes something because afterwards most things go back to doing their job (so to speak).

What causes these hiccups?

And why does unplugging them for awhile restore their usefulness?

Had similar with my Unitiserve, powering off seems to cure it for a few weeks.

It’s like anything “computer based”. A reboot will often sort these glitches.

Hi Janet
It’s just rebooting the computer! You wouldn’t need to remove the power cord if there was an actual on/off switch on the Core, but there isn’t. So unplug it and leave long enough for all the capacitors to discharge (10 secs is more than enough).

You don’t need to do a factory reset unless a couple of mains power off restarts haven’t fixed the problem.



I had an odd issue today when ripping with the Core. It refused to rip CDs at its normal speed.Instead, it accepted them when I put them in, then it started doing its first little ‘noisy bit’…which I presume was reading the CD and looking it upon the various internet based databases… Then nothing for about ten minutes. THEN it started ripping, but it took what felt like 40 to 50 minutes to rip a CD. And then it spat it out again, having ripped it successfully according to my iPad. So I tried another CD, and the same thing happened. Then another. At that point I powered it down, did a factory reset, and it’s back to normal. Anyone else experienced this?

As I said before, a power-off restart should be enough to sort out most unexpected behaviour. Did you try that as a matter of interest?



Yes I did, but I decided to revert it to factory settings anyway. It is such a speedy thing to do. And it did solve it.

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