Uniti Core

I searched all the threads and did not find a definitive answer …
On Fraim -Uniti Core with NDAC and ND5XS2 or should it be removed from the units on Fraim, together with the router and switch?

If you use the Core as a server into the ND5 I would stick it out of the way, anywhere you can give it a network connection.
Alternatively the Core is a decent SPDIF source so you could try it direct into the NDAC. Hard to say which would sound better.


In the end i preferred my Core away from the rack, just on the network……best try yourself.

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Fraim space is expensive. I would tuck it away in a more discreet and Internet friendly space. Mine sits under the tv and away from ( but hard wired to) my system.

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I have mine on an Audiotech table next to one of the Fraim stacks.

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