Uniti exchange program

Not that I would look at moving into the uniti series , I do own a uniti qute 2 which is serving me well for tidal which I use the DC1 cable to my ndac. Small gripe is that naim are offering £350 on the qute 1 and 2 for upgrading to an atom. Now on the second hand Market, late qutes are still selling around 650 - 750 ish. Just a bit ticked off that naim have now put a silly £350 on it and generally feel that naim have made a product lose a little value.

Reason why i wouldn’t move to an atom is that it has no bnc digital output. Logically I would hop to an NDX 2 . I also still feel that the qute 2 with a powerline (bare) still sounds better than an atom.
So it should now , bearing in mind the powerline is worth more that the qute now :rofl::rofl:
What’s everyone else’s thoughts with the program?

My first thought is that it should be programme and not program.

With that out of the way, it’s worth noting that Naim have not put a price on anything, they are simply underwriting the trade in price. Dealers can offer more if they wish, in order to make a sale. People are perfectly at liberty to sell on the open market if they wish. It’s simply that if someone has a SuperUniti and wants a Nova, they know for certain that they can go to their Naim dealer and are guaranteed to get £750. What could possibly be wrong with that?


Fair one, I’m stating about the qute in this instance but your right about the super uniti, that would be a no brainer .

It’s no different with the Qute. If someone can get £650 on eBay then good for them. If they can’t be bothered and are happy to take £350, it’s their choice.

I was mildly interested when I heard about the offer, but not when I saw the prices.

My own UQ1 was fully serviced about a year ago, plus I had a new screen and the better board fitted. I spent a fair chunk of cash to give myself a bit of security, and to stop me thinking about upgrading :wink:

If I owned a UQ1 with a failed screen, and/or in need of a service, I would think more carefully though. Given you’d save the hassle of selling it privately, I think it’s a reasonable offer under those circumstances.

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That’s fair enough, but I still feel a little upset that naim could only offer an atom

My dealer does not even want your old unit, just the proof of the serial number. As they put it “so your old Uniti can stay in the family fold”, or i guess you can then ebay it.

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That’s not the case. You have to trade for at least an Atom. You can trade a Qute for a Star or Nova.

It should be across the board. Whatever you want

**Please note, your existing Uniti product is only eligible for exchange against a current equivalent model or higher.

Or you mean across Naim’s entire range?

It is. Current equivalent or higher.

I was on about the entire range

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Might be worth a call to your/a dealer - no harm in asking if they’d give you the discount against the NDX2

Well, I’m sure your Naim dealer would be delighted to have that discussion with you. And that’s really the point here - it’s a negotiation between you and your Naim dealer. All Naim are saying here is that they are offering to help out existing legacy Uniti customers by helping out dealers in making the exchange happen.


Ok rich , I didn’t realise that was the case .

What’s the difference between program and programme?
There’s Richard thread on Unity exchange program….

They both mean the same thing - “programme” is the English spelling whereas “program” had its origins in America. These days either spelling is deemed to be generally acceptable with the American seemingly the more commonly used.


In British English, programme is the correct spelling, such as TV programme, or indeed Uniti exchange programme. The American English spelling, program, is used in British English in the computing field, so a computer program. Naim’s use of program in this context is not correct but that said, half the population seem incapable of using correct grammar and spelling.


HH is entirely correct.

I have written many programs during my working life but no programmes at all.


And I’ve worked on many change programmes, but never written a computer program, though I’ve used plenty.

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