Uniti HE amp for speakers

Recently purchased the Uniti atom HE which is fine but wondered about adding a power amp and speakers( not a powered speaker fan) for openl istening. Would have thought that a nap150x or 200 would suit the atom, perhaps a 250 overkill ? Has anyone tried these amps?

There’s info here: NEW! Uniti Atom Headphone Edition – and streaming pre-amp! - #1469 by leatherneck

Ok thanks.

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The NAP 250 works very well. You might also try the Benchmark Ahb2. I preferred the latter as it seemed to offer a little more control over low end and is designed to take balanced outputs.


Thanks for the info, food for thought.

Hi - I have the same challenge. Did you pull the trigger on the amp yet? I’m still mulling things over

Hi, no but i do have a 250DR in my main system which i can try so i am now going to have a think about speakers- the biggest i can get away with due to her in doors not liking floor standers in the living room! I understand that the DR advantage will not be recognised by the atom but lets see what the sound is like.

When the Nova HE is launched in 2050 as the de facto 272 replacement I imagine that the 250/8 will be its natural partner. Just speculating :wink:

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Why?? :open_mouth:

That’s for the 200dr not the 250dr.
The NAP200DR is by far the most straightforward upgrade, as it does not incorporate regulated rails for the power amplifiers nor does it demand the extra current capacity of the 09 transistors, requiring instead only the substitution of the on-board preamp supply for a DR board.

ok thanks for the info.

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