Uniti IP address for Naim App…?

I have downloaded the new app. I also had to reset my Naim Uniti.

Now, presumably because of its age, it’s not listed in the app as a Naim model to connect to.

I need to type in the IP address manually to make the app find the Uniti.

  1. Is the IP address for the Uniti (which is working perfectly via the remote control) the same as the IP address for my phone? If yes, it doesn’t work.

  2. If it’s not the same IP address, where can I find my Uniti’s IP address?



Hi, there are several ways to find your streamers IP address, but it will be different to your phone’s IP address. For example:
Log into your router and you should see a list of all devices to which it has assigned an IP address.
There are a number of apps such as Net Analyzer which scan your network and provide a list of all connected devices and shows their IP addresses.

Many thanks for the reply.

I managed to connect it via the Use Existing Device option. Though it’s not that intuitive for the likes of me!

Thanks again.


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