Uniti Lighting


my Qb’s have an option in the app settings to regulate the lighting of the logo and such. I’m relatively sure my Uniti (star) used to have the same, but I can’t see it in the settings anymore. Or am I mistaken and wasn’t it ever possible to adjust the brightness of the logo?

my nova had three levels of lighting controlled by the remote? should still be there…

Maybe that’s what I remember. The remote has not left the drawer since about week two.
It’s unnecessarily big and bulky IMO. Doesn’t befit the device it comes with.

Strange that this would be on the remote, but not in the app.

The Uniti series uses the remote to dim/switch off the lights. The Muso Qb uses the app. It makes sense in a way because all the Uniti series have a remote included, whereas with the Muso series, I believe it is an option you can buy extra. Certainly the case with my Muso Qb.

Hi Graeme my muso came with a remote it wasn’t an option and I can control the lighting with either the app or the remote

Ah, must only be the Muso Qb then. I stand corrected.

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