Uniti line out overdriven?

I have a Uniti MK1 with all the hardware upgrades (Tidal / 24/192 files), and the latest firmware.
I have a good quality bluetooth transmitter connected to the line out at the back of the Uniti (RCA plugs) so I can listen with wireles (bluetooth) headphones. The input of the BT transmitter is a 3,5mm jack, it seems to be an headphone level input (not sure)?
I use 3 sources to listen to on my headphones:

  • my TV connected to an optical/digital input of the Uniti
  • my NAS through DLNA/UPnP (network/internal)
  • Spotify (network/internal)

When listening to TV sound I have to crank the volume up on the headphones.
Now the strange thing happens that when I listen to the TV through Uniti line out -> BT transmitter everything sounds ok, but when I listen to music from the NAS or Spotify on the same setup (Uniti line out -> BT transmitter) the sound is (slightly) distorted / overdriven.
Any thoughts on this? I would suppose every input signal gets the same treatment in the Uniti before its delivered to the line out?

I’d check the input sensitivity spec on the BT transmitter.

If I recall correctly TV audio should be normalised to -23LUFS while Spotify is (offhand, definitely higher) -14LUFS. That would explain the level difference; the higher level might be clipping the BT transmitter input.

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