Uniti mk 1 CD playback problems

Of late, I’ve noticed my CD playback is stuttering/skipping. I’m going to try a CD lens cleaner to see if that helps. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Cleaning the lens is normally not recommended by Naim as this can easily damage the lens (try it only as a last resort) Unfortunately this kind off stuttering and skipping is usually the sign that the mechanism is starting to fail. If so, replacement is the only option, in which case you should contact your Naim dealer, although note that currently there are VAM1202 supply issues which may hold things up.

I have one not yet died. As per Richard re lens cleaning. Here is what Naim say (as I had not read this until recently despite owning mine from 2011)
It is important for reliable operation of the NaimUniti CD
player to ensure that the surfaces of the transport platter
and the underside of the puck are free of dust or debris
which can prevent the disc from sitting properly and cause
it to slip.
To clean the transport platter, take a piece of Blu-Tack and
lightly apply it to the top surface of the magnetic metal
hub, picking up any material attached to it. Brush the
plastic outer edge lightly with your finger or a soft brush to
ensure that it is dust and particle free. Similarly, clean the
puck with Blu-Tack, to remove debris from its underside.
Do not, under any circumstances, use any solvents or fluids
for the cleaning process

From past experience, using a photographic lens brush, or a brush with fine hairs very lightly removed some fluff on my Uniti lens, which is readily accessible. Be gentle.
Several years later the bottom drive plate, on which the cd sits, cracked, and it lost contact with the motor drive spindle, so discs did not rotate.
Fortunately, I managed to get it repaired.

Thanks everyone for your advice. Much appreciated.

OK, so, I’ve been an absolute devil, thrown caution to the wind and, after using a gentle blast from the air duster, I used a CD lens cleaning disc.

It looks like it’s solved the problem as CDs are playing normally again. However, I have discovered that playing CDs on the UDP via the optical connection to the Uniti’s DAC is much more involving as I prefer the sound.

I now realise that I’ve never, actually, liked the sound of CDs played through the Uniti’s own drive!

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