Uniti Nova and AV via analog input


I received my new Focal speakers a few weeks ago with my Uniti Nova. Since I have an AV receiver as well, I followed the suggestions of others and used the pre-outs from my receiver with the analog input 1 on my Nova. I have set the volume to be fixed in the app for the input.

I’m now experiencing a weird issue when I turn on the Nova when it was last on analog input 1. A startling short ‘pop’ sound comes from the speakers. Sometimes it’s loud other times just noticeable but mild.

I have tried to disconnect the RCA cables from the input on the Nova, to test if this had any effect, but to no avail. My current workaround is to switch audio source to something else, such as a Radio station or Spotify/Tidal on the Nova, before powering it off. If I switch back to analog input 1 after having it power on there is no problem. It is only when directly powering on to AV input the issue manifests.

Do anyone have any idea on what is going on or experiencing something similar? I’m not sure if there is something wrong with the unit itself.


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