Uniti Nova and Headphones

When will NAIM finally offer a solution for the connection of a headphone amplifier to the Uniti Nova to be able to connect higher quality headphones as well? This should be standard for a device in this price range. (Please do not suggest to purchase an ATOM HE in addition😎)

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Welcome Bernardo. The Uniti Nova is an all-in-one unit and so already incorporates a rather good headphone amplifier. I remember using one to listen to the then-new Focal Elear and Utopia Headphones and it was more than capable of driving them very nicely, I thought.


Many thanks, Richard, for your prompt reply. If the headphone output is “so rater good”, why doesn’t NAIM AUDIO publish any technical details except the remark “headphone output improved in the bass range”. Thats not NAIM like…

Well, actually I think that is a bit Naim like, but I get your point. If you need additional technical detail then I’m sure your dealer can find out for you, or else an email to Naim support. Most important, of course, is to try to get to listen for yourself.

If it helps, I use Sennheiser HD 660s with Nova and they perform very well. They are 150 ohm impedance, so not a difficult load. Sennheiser seem to split opinion about their sound so better listen for yourself.

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Same here.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much of the Novas headphone amplifier but I was pleasantly surprised how well it drives my Sundaras. Happy camper with no complaints whatsoever.

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