Uniti Nova as a pre amp

Hi , have you tried the uniti nova paired with a Naim New Classic NAP 250 Power Amp , and is it worth it ? I’m runnin the Sopra 2 speakers .

The Forum has a good search facility. Type in ‘Nova with 250’ and you’ll find lots of posts. The combination will work, and will drive the speakers better, but you’d do well to swap the Nova for a 222.

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The Nova works really well with a 250DR and there are lot of them going for a good price at the moment, it is a common pairing and a few forum contributors do this. However, if using the Nova as a stopgap before getting an NC 222 or 332/333 then going for the NC250 would be a better choice and it would definitely work with the Nova as a pre-amp. You would need to get one of the legacy to NC leads, your dealer could sort that out for you.

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