Uniti Nova Distorting when Playing 24/96 tracks

I have a Uniti Core, Atom, Nova and a couple of Muso QBs 2nd Gen.

Recently, when playing 24/96 tracks the sound from the Nova is distorted (feeding into PMC Twenty5 22i speakers). All the units are connected through the same Switch using Cat7 Ethernet cable). These tracks play without any distortion through the Atom and Musos. I have tried changing the Ethernet cable without any improvement.

If I connect the Core to the Nova using an optical cable it plays the tracks without any distortion.

I have logged the problem with Naim but in the meantime, any ideas as to why this is happening?

Many thanks!

Sounds like a fault with the streamer in the Nova to me. But Naim will have a better idea whether that is possible.



Thanks @davidhendon

That is what I thought - will be interesting to see what Naim say but they are backlogged at the moment!


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