Uniti Nova does not appear at Spotify App

Hi All,

I have lost my uniti nova on the list of available devices for Spotify Connect. It is not available as Airplay or Comcast device either. Anyone having the same issue?

I have rebuilt the Naim & Spotify apps, rebooted the wifi router etc. No change…


Hi Tolga,

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Have you allowed for the Spotify app to access your home network resources? It is a security setting in iOS that limits network access to apps, which in your case could lead to the Spotify app not being able to find Airplay or Chromecast devices. It would still connect to the Internet, as that is not seen as a network device. So it could explain your issue.

This knowledge article explains how to check this:


Hi Richard,

Thanks for the answer. I have checked and Spotify app has access to the local area network. I have a Mu-so Qb2 and I can see it in my app and can connect without trouble.

I really can’t see why Nova has disappeared. As late as 2 days back I was able to see it in Spotify connect…

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I apologise if this seems bleedin’ obvious but is the Nova still connected to the router?

I no longer use Spotify but I still have the app. It is offering to connect to the Nova either by Spotify Connect or by Google Cast.

Hello Tolga, is the Nova present in the Naim App?

Hi Explorer,

My nova is connected to the router with Cat7 Ethernet cable. I can see it in the router’s app…

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Hi Pieto,

Thanks for your mes.I can see the Nova in the Naim app.

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I meant message :grinning:

Do you have a computer at hand on which you can run spotify to see if it sees your Nova? And if it is perhaps an Apple computer try Airplay.

Silly question but do you only have the one router that the Nova is plugged into. No mesh system or similar for WiFi.
Also access your router from. Pc and see if the Nova is showing as connected

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