Uniti Nova Experiment

I’m in the process of experimenting with a “pre-loved” Uniti Nova as a possible replacement for the current system (NDX/XPS/52/135/ActiveSBLs).

Am I correct in thinking that this model (2021) does “over the air” upgrades? So if it says its up to date - it is?

It’s only just arrived & I’ve connected it up to my Focal Celestee’s - just to make sure it actually works & initial impressions are very encouraging. The Nova can certainly play a tune. Will be interesting to see if its anywhere close to the big system. Unfortunately its arrived just before a weeks foreign holiday! A true 1st world problem :wink:

The Nova will run updates through its network connection. They don’t run automatically, but a small update icon should appear in the top L corner of the screen if one is available, or you can go to the settings menu and check for updates. It’s a bit simpler than updating the 1st gen streamers.

Thanks @ChrisSU - just what I needed to know

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Hello, I have a Uniti Star in Conservatory but a NAC52/PS52 with NAP250DR and NDS with XPS X5 Wien Focal Berilium 1020E speakers,
The latest Uniti range is very good but no match for quality separates. Remember the NAC52 costs twice as much as Unit Star in its own,
Best wishes

I used to have a fairly similar system to yours - CDS2/XPS/52/SC/135s into large MA floorstanders. I now have a Nova driving N-Sats and a Velodyne sub (as well as a Rega RP3).
I am just as happy with my system as I have ever been. The Nova is more than good enough to be enjoyable. It’s not going to sound the same but unless you constantly sit there worrying about possible “weaknesses” you may well be as happy as I am. I remember being in the Naim factory dem room arounf the time of the Nova’s launch. They played it in to huge Focal floorstanders which sounded very good indeed and then swapped it out for a 272/250. The separates sounded better but not better enough to justify the extra cost to me. I didn’t really enjoy the music that much more and as I don’t live in a dem room I went ahead and downsized and have never looked back. One thing I would say is that a Powerline mains cable makes a very nice upgrade to the Nova - well worth the money, especially at used/ex-dem prices.


Having heard the Nova with some very good speakers (Titan 505/606/Sopra1s) I’d say you’d need NDX/282/HC/250 to really get an improvement.

That’s exactly why I’m experimenting :grinning:
And its a Nova I’m experimenting with

Thanks @pev999 - Thats exactly where I’m at with the Active system. Are the cables dressed correctly, do I need to clean the plugs, is it sounding as good as it should? Gets a bit dull after a bit.
I had heard the Powerline was worth using - got a few of those already so that’s an easy one :grin:

Thanks @LindsayM - yet more confirmation I may be going in the correct direction

Different ears, different rooms, but this probably comes down to how much of an improvement is worth the bother and cost of extra boxes.

We got my girlfriend a Nova (through Keilidhs and Neat iota Alphas). We also tried it at my house (Shahinian Compasses and B&W 804D3s) soo I can compare it to (a) Atom, (b) ND5XS2/82/HC/250 and NDX2/XPSDR/52/SC-300DR. Well, it was here, so why not?

The Atom is great at what it does but outclassed on detail, transparency and oomph by the Nova - no surprise. The Nova itself is a long way behind the ND5XS2/82/250 - the gap is imho similar in size to the gap between that setup and the full 52-based system above.

I don’t also have a Supernait in the house. However, from what I have heard in other places NDX2/SN3/ Hicap is a good deal better than the Nova - maybe halfway to being as good as the 82/250 setup. Given how easy that difference is to notice in my house, I am pretty sure that even my ears would notice the smaller gap from Nova to NDX2/SN3/HC too.

Doesn’t mean the Nova isn’t very good though - it is.

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