Uniti Nova Factory Reset

Hi all,

my son managed to do something to my Uniti and it is now in Chinese and I cannot get the remote or the Naim app to connect or do anything with my Nova. I have found people talking about a factory reset but I cannot find any instructions for performing this reset.

Does anyone know how to do a full factory reset of the Nova when you cannot read anything on the display or speak to it via the app etc.?

Instructions are more or less where you’d think they are:
Naim website > Customer Support > Support & Information > Uniti Support > Nova. Then search for “factory reset”

The link to this support website is printed in the quick start guide that came with your Nova. Did you look anywhere before asking?

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Hi, thanks for that. I actually was searching and searching and it kept directing me to forums where people were doing the reset but not explaining how or to manuals that did not show this method. I had not found the Naim support search as you linked. That is where I will look next time too so thank you for helping out this time. It worked and all fixed.

Got it, it happens :slight_smile: Glad that it worked, enjoy

For future reference, Google can often find things quicker than you can by going to the Naim website and hunting about.

If you Google “Naim Nova Factory Reset”, the second answer is the actual Naim instructions on the website.




Thanks David. I was using Duck Duck Go and it wasn’t bringing that site up as second search item. Also the internet searches were generally finding forum threads where the actual reset procedure seemed to be known by the people and not expressly discussed how to do it.

The Support thing on Naim’s product web page is a car crash. David is right, searching on Google can be more effective in some cases.

Well I do. David is one of the most helpful contributors to this forum, quick, clear, thoughtful and considerate in his advice. It’s clear from his post he was making a general point “for future reference” that Google is often a quicker way to find information than Naim’s own support pages. I agree.


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