Uniti Nova hum

The move has a bigger amp so may produce more hiss? Both my nova and supernait 3 hissed through insensitive atc speakers , it’s all perfectly normal for naim… on the other hand my atc amp is very close to silent.

Today I went to the dealer, I tried to listen to a Naim Atom with speakers like mine and there is a slight hiss coming from the tweeter. Then I went home, listened to mine and here it’s different. Here you can hear a hum coming from the subwoofer, while from the tweater you can hear the same light hiss that I heard in the shop. I have a video taken with an iPhone in front of the subwoofer, if you turn up the volume you should hear the hum, but I can’t upload on forum due the format not allowed.

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Just for comparison my Atom is silent with nothing playing. I have returned one previously with a hum coming from the unit itself.


I took my Atom to the dealer. It is silent from them. Then I had the Star I previously had returned and tried it again at home. It’s silent. The Atom is probably more powerful and there is something in the home network that disturbs it. They gave me longer speaker cables, 5 meters long, and the hum subsided but didn’t disappear. Tomorrow I’ll try some ferrite rings on speaker cables. Otherwise I don’t know what to do anymore.

Any update Tony?

So, with the 5 m speaker cables and the ferrite rings it improved, then last week I bought the DC Block from Audiolab and it improved further. The speakers are almost completely silent, just a very slight hiss, but that is normal.


Tony, You mention you have a subwoofer in your system. How is this connected to the Nova ? What happens to the hum from the main speakers if you disconnect the subwoofer completely ?

Apologies if you’ve already been down this route…

Forgive me, I think I expressed myself poorly. It’s not a subwoofer, but the one shown in the photo of my speakers. The hum came out from there.

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Ah ok, understood :+1:

In reality you wouldn’t listen to the system in that way, I certainly haven’t, but if you did the same ‘test’ with the Star and it was silent you might wonder.

Is this with external sources but not playing or simply with anything not playing?

Suspect it’s nothing significant but what would probably be worthwhile would be a direct comparison with another Nova at the dealer (or at home).

All my Naim amps had a slight hiss from the speakers and, for most, a slight hum from the transformers. My Chord set up also has a slight hiss from the speakers but the amp itself it silent