Uniti Nova hum

Hi guys, a question.

I have a new Uniti Nova.

Is it normal for a slight hum to come from the speakers when Nova is turned on but not playing? Until yesterday I had a Star but I hadn’t noticed this thing, I probably hadn’t noticed it.

No it shouldn’t hum at all. You probably have an earth loop. Try disconnecting all the input cables (turn the volume down before you change anything though) and add them back one by one.

Are you talking about speaker cables?

Input cables not speaker cables ……:blush:

To be fair to Tony, I understand his question as he may not have any inputs going into the Nova and just be streaming music from his phone app or similar.

@TonyManero another thing you could try is changing the ground switch on the back from default to floating to see if it resolves the issue.

Good point, if no other devices connected by cables then trying the earth switch is a possible.

Is the unit sited near any other pieces of gear that might have a powerful magnetic radiation field at 50Hz?

If it still hums then it’s back to the dealer with it?….

No of course not!

I’ve done some testing and I think the problem is that it’s all on the same table and very close. I tried putting the speakers on the floor and the noise fades a lot. I’ll get some speaker stands tomorrow.

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Your laptop deserves a Fraim . :grin:


Try moving the phono stage away from the power supply.

I put the speakers on the stands and the thing seems better. But I ask you a question: is it normal that when you turn it on, without playing, regardless of the volume which at minimum or maximum does not change anything, when you put your ear close to the speaker, you hear a very slight hiss? Let me explain better: is it normal to hear that the NOVA is on? Or should it be totally silent as when turned off? If anyone can test it with their NOVA, putting their ear close to the speaker, they’d be doing me a favor. I’m getting paranoid :sweat_smile:

Hiss is perfectly normal, and is to be expected. Type ‘hiss’ into the search and be amazed.

There’s a Earth normal/floating switch on the back ,have you tried moving that

And not only for the Nova!

Yes, now it’s on normal

This comforts me, what I would like to exclude is a flaw in the Nova. I took it on Wednesday and yesterday I didn’t notice this. With Atom and Star I had a precedent I hadn’t noticed.

I can put my ear right up to the tweeter and there is no hiss whasoever with my Nova. However there is a very slight hum from the unit itself, its mechanical from the transformer and this seems to be the norm with Naim kit…Dont hear it unless i am right by the unit itself.

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In the meantime I had reported the matter to the seller, luckily he is a dear friend. Last week he came to my house to check it out for himself. They tried both an Atom and a Star in the shop and they are perfectly silent, unlike my Nova. At this point I’m confused… :thinking:

Still on guarantee, so you know the next step .
And your friend dealer can let you an Atom or Star during the wait.

Bear in mind that you are more likely to hear hiss if you have more sensitive speakers.

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