First post, new to Naim gear. I purchased unit when AD closed. Works perfectly. I do know how to hook up speaker wires though :slight_smile:

I have low level HUMMMMM from RT Channel on UNITI NOVA. If I switch out LT - RT wires in back of unit, the Hum now comes from (the other) speaker - so still RT Channel issue (B&W 805 D3’s).

Loud enough to hear when music not playing or is playing at low levels. Not noticeable at higher volumes. Either way not acceptable.

No wires crossing each other, not laying parallel to each other. Wires not looped. Using Naim wire/connection posts. Another AD has seen this issue with speaker wires (being so closely spaced in back of unit (design issue?).


Tom Y Dallas TX USA

id go back to dealer…

Indeed I’d consult the dealer. A hum through the speakers is caused by some form of ground loop generally but that is when common is polluted by the ground giving you that 50/60Hz hum on both channels. Hum on one side is a bit more suspicious that something is not right internally.

While I am sure there will be 101 guesses, I wouldn’t invest too much time on self diagnosis more than you have already done. At most, maybe a sanity check using an extension chord to a plug socket that is on a different circuit in another room. With the symptoms you described, I suspect it will be the same.

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