Uniti Nova speaker output level?

When if ever should I use, or reduce, the speaker output level on the Uniti Nova? I’m using a single subwoofer connected to both of the subwoofer RCA line outputs. And a pair of B&W 603 speakers, that can handle 200 watts. Wouldn’t it be better to just keep the speaker output level to 100% for easier configuration? My dealer said that they usually set the level to about 85% in normal use,But why?

Just seems sensible to set it at 85% to prevent your speakers being exposed to 100% if you accidentally hit max volume. On a number of occasions I have managed to whack the volume right up when closing the Naim app. This is because the volume slider control at the bottom of the app is very close to the bar for closing the app. There is no change in SQ by limiting max volume

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Many thanks for your reply. OK I can see that it’s a good idea to have this function in some situations. I don’t have any children, or other people that might touch the large volume control on top of the unit, and I don’t like the very imprecise slider volume control on the app, so I have set my app to the + and - controls for a more acurate adjustment. Therefore, accidentally having it come on at 100% is unlikely to happen in my case, so I’ll keep it set to max volume.

Some apps like Spotify will allow control of the Nova’s volume via the phone buttons even with a locked screen. I have heard of two different things that can happen:

The phone button can be pressed inadvertently, perhaps when in a pocket. Secondly, another person who recently connected could max the volume out from their phone.

It doesn’t sound like either of these situations would affect you

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A friend of mine has a nova and he inadvertently increased the volume to 100% and nearly had a heart attack with the panic of trying to quickly turn it down again. We’ve now set his max volume to as much as the speakers can take just prior to any clipping or distortion on a loud recording. This seemed like a common sense approach.

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Thank you. You have a valid point about the Spotify App and phone volumes as it works completely differently to Qobuz. I will now drop my max volume to 85% just to be safe.