Uniti Nova Switching itself off

My Uniti Nova switches itself off once or twice a week, has been known do do it three times in one morning. So far it has always happened when streaming music from online. I have to switch it back on by the button on the unit, twice having to switch off at the mains. It’s never done it via any other input, but to be fair they don’t get used much, it’s mostly streaming or from the NAS drive. Hope you can help.

Does it go into standby or just stop streaming?

Hi, goes to standby. I have put it on the never go to standby on settings.

OK, have you contacted your dealer about this?

Trouble is I’ve moved down to Devon from the Lakes. Got it from Audio T in Preston and that branch has shut down. I’ll get in contact with my nearest dealer if you think it’s a fault.

I don’t know. It may be a fault. Perhaps try contacting Naim support and see what they think.

Okay Richard, thanks for your help, take care and have a good Christmas.

That sounds odd. Has it done it from new or just since a firmware update? It’s worth turning it off at the mains and leaving it off for half an hour before turning on again. If that doesn’t fix it, you can do a factory reset. If that doesn’t work it’s time to involve your dealer. I’m sure your local Audio T would be very happy to help you.

Hi, I did a re-set and leaving it off for a while, but the problem still persists. Think it is time to involve Naim.

Do you have the Nova on Ethernet (cabled) or WiFi?
I did have some hassle when I switched to WiFi, due to this whether radar detection and channel switching on 5 GHz band. (Not sure, you have that as well; frequency bands depend on region.) I could see in the router logs, it did do frequency hops at those times.
I switched to 2.4 GHz band for the Nova, and it’s rock stable since.

I cannot remember, if it just stopped streaming or went into standby; but if there’s no other active input and it looses network, it could wenn go to standby instead. (This part is flaky in my memory; not sure I could find discussion of that topic again.)

With it set to never go to standby, that should not happen of course. This is totally counterintuitive but it may be worth setting it to go to standby after say an hour. Maybe its standby functionality has got in a muddle. I have mine on one hour standby and it works very well. It’s discoverable by the app and wakes up happily, and it’s good to be saving a little bit of power. If that fails, it’s dealer time. Maybe they could lend you another to try.

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