Uniti Nova with DAB module - tips on use

Goodmorning everyone,
I own a Naim Nova with the DAB module.
I have no idea how to operate the device in this mode and if there is a need for other additional devices, or special antennas or whatever.
The instructions didn’t give me enough information.
Thank you so much for your help.

All the details are here:


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From the Uniti Nova Support page for DAB;

    1. Locate the DAB/FM port on the back of the Uniti Nova.
    1. Connect a DAB/FM aerial to the port.
    1. Touch the Naim app.
    1. Touch DAB.
    1. Your Uniti Nova will scan for available stations.
    1. To rescan for DAB stations touch the … icon.
    1. Touch Rescan.
    1. Touch the desired station to begin playback.
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Thanks for the reply

Could you advise me what type of antenna to install, which is internal and not too invasive aesthetically?
I saw on the net that the great majority of antennas are for car audio.
Also, is a special plug necessary? In case which one?
A greeting and thanks again

I have no personal experience with internal DAB aerials so wouldn’t know what to recommend. Searching online there seem to be a variety of aerials that may suit your needs depending on how strong the signal is in your area.

It uses an F Type coaxial connector as shown on the Nova support pages.

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