Uniti Nova

New to this site and apologies for not using the correct terminologies in advance.

I have a Uniti Nova and have been using my CD5 successfully. I have just connected a Teac x1000R and using my old tapes the (even at low speed, recorded on some old Non Naim equipment sounds great).
The problem I have is recording on the Teac. I can’t get any signal from the Nova (not using the streaming service). Can anyone assist. Thank you in anticipation.

How have you connected the Teac to the Nova?

Hi Neil
Have used the RCA connectors TEAC out to Nova Analogue input port. And Nova Analogue out to TEAC in.

The Nova has no tape loop so you can only input but not also take an output (the Nova only offers a pre level output anyway).

Thanks Richard. This clearly leaves me with two options; either get the NAP/NAC connected up to the TEAC or use the CD5 and connect it directly to the Teac and monitor via a pair of headphones.

What’s the output level range for the Nova pre-out ? (would be helpful if Naim actually published equipment manuals instead of idiots guides (aka quick connect guide) these days). Please consider that to be constructive feedback Naim.

Surely the pre-out signals (DIN or RCA) must be in the range of 50 - 200mV (via the volume control) to be able to be connected to any of the Naim range of power amps still in circulation, that should also be high enough for most tape players. (original pre-amp tape outputs were 75mV).

Just saying …

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