Uniti Qute volume has a kind of its own!

Hi everyone looking for some advice. I have a uniti qute which went back to naim about 3 years ago for a new screen etc. occasionally the volume will drop to nothing or rise to the max with no input from me! I can’t reset the volume for several minutes. Any button you press on the remote just makes the screen flash between the volume and the option you are pressing. After a few minutes it works normally again. This week it’s been driving me mad doing thus every ten minutes!
Any suggestions as to the cause and likely fix?

Thanks for any help you can give.

This might well be sign that the logo mute has an issue. If so, it should be a relatively easy fix for your dealer to undertake. Otherwise perhaps one for @NeilS to advise on.

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I would say it’s definitely a logo fault.
You can disable the touch function in the menu under Front Display to prevent the erroneous triggering until you can arrange to have it replaced, change Logo Mute to No.



That’s really helpful thankyou. Ive set Logo Mute to No and fingers crossed its stopped the volume changing on its own!

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Deja vu

I had this problem with a new UQ2 many years ago. Turned out something about the orange light at sunset hitting it through the window caused it to go haywire. Putting it in shade fixed that and 10 years later it’s never happened again.

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