I bought a Qute - A 299. A few years ago. I have hardly used it as it has a complete mind of its own wrt the volume. I look at the volume controls autonomously going up and down sometimes to maximum sometimes off completely. I really cannot get to the bottom of the issue here. I am using an iPhone to bring in Spotify. I’m now trying to listen to classic fm. Hearing crescendo and diminuendo that I’m sure is not on the score. How can I fix this?

What behaviour do you get when adjusting the volume using:
The remote control
The app
The front panel (you can adjust volume through the Naim logo)

5.2 Volume Control
UnitiQute 2 volume control is achieved by using the handset vol– and vol+ keys or by continuously touching the front panel Naim logo (the first touch increases volume, the second touch decreases volume). The volume control affects the speaker, headphone and preamplifier outputs.
Note: Switching off the Logo Mute function (see Section 4.8) will also switch off Logo volume control)

Might be a faulty logo unit. Some of them do behave randomly I believe. The fix is to get the dealer or Naim to replace the logo.

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Agreed, the front logo is possibly faulty. You can disable the logo volume control using the app, which might be sufficient to stop this from happening.

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I’d bet on a logo that has failed. It should be a relatively easy thing for your Naim dealer to replace.

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