Uniti Series FM/DAB Module

Anyone had one fitted yet?

Yes, just got my Nova back but am waiting for an external aerial to be installed on Friday. My dealer said it worked OK on a simple internal aerial.

Cost £170 including carriage from dealer to Naim and back.

so how does it work? does more functionality appear on the app?

If it’s like the FM/DAB module on the old Unitis and legacy streamers then it just adds an FM input and a DAB input on the inputs screen in the app.


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On the app choosing FM gives you tuning controls and DAB gives you an alphabetic list of stations to choose from.

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How long did it take after you dropped it off to your dealer?


It was only a couple of weeks and my dealer lent me their demo unit so I still had music.

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Would be intersted to hear how FM/DAB sound quality compares to streamed version of a station.

As mentioned at the top of the thread I will not get my aerial until Friday so have not been able to try the card yet. I will try to do some testing over the weekend and report back.

I am in an area of the UK that has pretty bad radio/tv signal so it will be interesting to compare to streaming. I mainly got the card because my wife hates internet radio as it never seems to work when she wants to listen!

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My apologies for not getting back sooner but a lot has changed!

I’m sorry I will not be able to help any further with the Nova FM/DAB card as I no longer have the Nova.

Due to a good deal on a preloved ‘Classic’ system and upgraded speakers from my dealer I have traded in the Nova and my B&W 702D2’s.

I now have:
NAP 300 DR with PSU
NAC 252 with SuperCap DR
I have added a PowerLine to each of these.
B&W 804D3 Speakers
I have also purchased a new NDX2 (with PowerLine) and a Rotel FM/DAB tuner.

As you can imagine this has been an expensive but extremely rewarding upgrade which I am glad I was able to take advantage of.

In case it helps anyone, I did have the opportunity to try the Nova first with just the 804D3’s and this was a big improvement on the 702D2’s. We then added the 300DR and this was a further very noticeable upgrade.


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