Uniti series grounding switch

I thought I’d clearly decided on the setting long ago, but have wondered more recently, especially as I no longer have an Oppo disc player connected currently and use the Nova’s RCA out to my pre/power setup.

The interactive manual seems very vague about this setting:

If you are using the Uniti Nova connected to a mains grounded CD Player, the Uniti Nova Grounding Switch should be set to Floating. No damage will be done if the wrong Signal Ground Position is chosen, however the system sound quality may be compromised.

Presumably this would be a CD player connected via RCA/DIN cables or a BNC connector not optical?

What about other devices?

The only analogue inputs I have connected are a pair of RCA-RCA inputs from my Linn Linto phono pre-amp - I have 2 pairs of different RCA cables which have slightly different sonic charactersitics connected. Thinkking about it, is this potentially a bad thing?

As noted the Nova’s output goes to a NAC282 and thereafter active SBLs.

Is there something specific about grounding with a CD player (maybe Naim only?) vs other sources/connections?

Unless you know the details of the earthing design of the other devices in a mixed system, you won’t know. Simply try both positions and if one sounds better, use it

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Thanks. It was actually something I just set ages ago and forgot about, largely as it’s a right faff to access the Nova’s rear.

I think it would also be handy for the e-manual to say if you need to power down the unit before changing the switch - I suspect not and it would be easier to A/B a track.

Thinking of CD players where on earth is my CD 3.5???

No you don’t need to power down.
You’ve been looking for the CD for 2 years :joy:

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Possibly longer. :joy:

I think it may be in a locked filing cabinet in a storage untit along with some old VCRs and DVD players. Yes, I’ve lost the key. Have ordered one from Amazon I hope might work, but cheap enough to write off if it doesn’t.

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Right, the coffee has kicked in.

The Linto of course connects to 2 inputs on the NAC 282 not into the Nova as that may have suggested.

Do you run a ground lead from the Linto to the 282?

I would be amazed if the Linto was a reference signal ground for the system (though it’s not impossible). As such, the chances are high that “chassis” is now the correct setting for the Nova. If there is a signal ground lead running from Linto to 282, then that would confirm it I think.

As others have said, test it. A noisier signal ground will manifest often as harmonics you can hear even when no music is playing.

Don’t think so.

The Linto has L/R/ground(earth) input for the cables from the LP!2, but output is via a piar of stereo RCA sockets.

Then I don’t remember the Linto that well. Sounds like all bets are off. It could be a reference ground I suppose. You’ll have to experiment and see what’s noisiest.

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