Uniti series

current unti series has been out since 2017
should we expect and updated version
soon ie i series or Uniti Star 2

Nobody knows about the future of anything under the 200 series; so uniti, the naits, the cd player …. Pure guesswork.
New 100 series?
Completely drop it?
Make it forever?
If I were to guess, given there’s a 200 series and 300, and one assumes a continuation of 500, then there’s a gap where a 100 series would fit.
What goes into a 100 series? A streamer? Integrated? All in one? CD player? Power supply? Combination of the above? Modular half width boxes with special connections so they “talk” to each other? Only someone on the inside of r&d and other select personnel at the factory will know what’s on the roadmap.

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This is all purely speculation - Naim will not mention any future plans until these are ready for release :slight_smile:

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