Uniti serve does not start again (running), only light flashes fast

Now that I have ripped nearly a thousand cd’s, my device does not want to start properly anymore. However, the PC App finds the device but cannot access it.
As it is out of warranty, I dont want to send it to the german service (does not exist).
SNo. 305940. Can anybody give me some hint what to do next?
Resets have been done. I wrote once that maybe the CMOS battery has run down.
But if you replace it you have to reset the BIOS somehow. I dont know what to do.
Thanks everybody.

Only option is to return it for service to Naim, or authorised local service provider.

Unless anyone knows different?

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There is a German support. It used to be Musicline, it is now Focal-Naim.de

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Changing the CMOS battery is easy. If you are used to going inside a computer and take electrostatic discharge precautions, then you can change this battery. It is a CR2032 and you can get them in supermarkets and so on for a couple of €.

But when you have put in the new battery, you need to reset the CMOS. There are lots of threads in the forum about how to do this. You need a keyboard with a PS/2 or USB plug and a computer display that can plug into the VGA port on the back of the Unitiserve.

If you can get that all together then I’m sure someone here can help you do the resetting.

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Thanks to everybody for your help.
In the past I was in more or less regular contact with the musicline service people
via phone and they supported me directly. It always worked. Now that this sercive in Germany does not exist anymore, I had to find different ways. Nain Germany and my dealer told me to send it in for service, however, knowing my issue with the serve.
I now tried the the batterie swop and resetted the BIOS. What should I say. It working fine again. Thanks again for the posts and advice.
You probably all know about the broken displays with Naim’s other devices.
Here I also found a solution to replace them yourself! I found a supplier in Germany who sell’s a fitting display with a manual how to replace it by yourself. I did that on
two of my other older devices (uniti 2 and ND5XS) and all worked well again.
So, if a device is out of warrenty, I recommend to save the Naim Service costs.
The new display I bought for 80 € a piece.
Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.


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