Uniti Serve doesn't see additions to music serve

Does anyone know how I force my Uniti Serve -SSD to load files that I have added to my Synology NAS to its database? They never show up in the n-serve app on my IPAD. And they don’t show in the Naim desktop client either. This started about a week ago. Is it possible that I have reached maximum capacity.

Well there shouldnt be a capacity issue if the music is on the nas. My giess is you have some ripped on the serve and some on the nas

Check in the desktop app if it can infact still see the nas?

@ChrisSU should help you.

Hi, is this a folder on your NAS that has been visible to the Unitiserve in the past? If so, it as long as the drive on the NAS isn’t too full, the US should be able to scan a drive of any size.
If this folder hasn’t been used before, you may need to designate it as a Network Share in the US settings.

All of the music on the NAS was added outside of the Naim ripping process. When I bought the UnitiServe about a month ago, I configured it with the NAS as a scannable share and all of the existing music on the NAS loaded into the Naim database just fine. I have added some music to the share, and after a while it showed up on the IPAD (although this took longer than I expected, several hours). But now, newly added music has stopped showing up, totally.

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