Uniti Serve Manual doesn't help with setting up my NAS as additional storage

I am having great difficulty understanding the manual for my unitiserve when trying to add my NAs as additional storage for cd’s being ripped. The Screens and manual do not match. Is there anyone who has managed to achieve this and how did you do it?? I’ve been going round in circles, doing my head in!!!

What NAS are you using? Naim produced info sheets explaining how to set up QNAP and Synology NAS drives to work with their servers as these are popular choices. They are rather dated, but will probably give you some useful info.

Hi ChrisSU
It’s a Synology DS213
It seems that the Manual is out of step with the updates to the programme.
Where can I find the info sheets?

It’s here: https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/kb/RS2105_Synology_DS212j_Setup.pdf
Possibly a bit different to your particular NAS/firmware, but you should get the idea. This deals with the Synology side, along with the Naim manual for the Unitiserve setup.

Hi ChrisSU . I have lost the password for my synology. It only has music on it. I will try to redo password etc and try to unravel the Manual guidance, I think the Manual will be the difficult part.
Thanks for that though!

Before you get too bogged down in the Synology setup, how are you accessing the Unitiserve? The screenshots in the manual are from the browser interface, which is what I suggest you use, not the DTC or N-Serve. You access it by putting the Unitiserve IP address into any web browser.

Hi ChrisSU
I have accessed the Unitiserve IP address but the interface is still not the same as the manual.
The Manage Network Shares has the Diskstation (ie the Synology NAS) showing that it is enabled but has a red dot beside it which I think means that it is not online. Would this mean that it cannot access it due to the password blocking it? There doesn’t seem to be a page where you can set the priority of ripping the new cd’s to the Nas rather than the Unityserver hard disc. Have I missed this or is it on another page?

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