Uniti Serve Software Upgrade

Hi. I am new to the forum and Naim products. I have recently picked up a used UnitiServe SSD for demo and actually, it seems pretty complex I have linked it to a “Music Share” on my Synology NAS which has about 1.5 TB of ripped and downloaded FLAC files. The Naim doesn’t show me any cover art, although it plays the files from the NAS just fine. So, in reading here, I have learned that maybe my problem is I need to upgrade to version 1.7c – I have gone through the upgrade from 1.7a to 1.7 b already – but still no cover art is shown. Do I need to do this upgrade to get the cover art? And is this only available through Naim support? This version doesn’t seem to be on the download site. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hi, the 1.7c update was released after the Unitiserve was discontinued, and was not widely publicised. You can get it on a CD from Naim support. I believe the German Naim distributor made it available here if you want to download it and burn it to a disc yourself:

I can’t promise this will solve your artwork issue, but it’s worth doing anyway as it speeds up metadata retrieval.

Thanks, I will try that. I tried ripping a CD on the unit with the 1.7B software, and it went out to the (discontinued) site for the metadata – the one that everyone here talks about, I don’t recall its name. It then appeared to access FreeDB after a couple of minutes of hanging on the first site. I cannot really tell if it successfully retrieved the metadata or not, but it didn’t get the cover art. Anyway, I will let the forum know of progress. Thanks again.

Maybe a little progress, but still no cover art. I did find the 1.7c software at your suggested site and installed it. Now when I ask the unit to do a CD lookup, it returns a message that a “better match was found at MusicBrainz”, something like that. So it appears to be attempting to access a different site. But still no cover art showing up. Another piece of information, Most of the file folders on the NAS have cover art stored as “folder.jpg”. The Naim doesn’t pick these up, strange.

So after restarting the UnitiServe and resetting the database, a few covers have started to show up in the top level album list, but only a few. I have gone through and verified that almost all folders have an artwork file named “folder.jpg”. It seems that a name of “Folder.jpg” might not be accepted. But still, after 12 hours less that 10% of the albums have cover art in the top album list. But, strangely, if I select one of the albums for more detail, the cover art always shows in the details. And if I choose to play the album, the cover art is present. So it is only missing in the top level list of albums.

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