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I currently use an ND5 XS2 streamer to which I connected an HDD via USB, with a music library ripped with EAC in Flac. They told me that by ripping and listening with a naim machine I would definitely have improvements. Questions: Uniti Serve is still a current machine? are the files of the two machines mentioned (US and UC) the same? In the sense that if I rip a library with the Serve then can I use it with core or do I have to re-rip them again? Are metadata and other information dressed by the PC?

Most of the answers to your questions are in the other thread you started.

The Unitiserve is not current. It was discontinued about two and a half years ago. UnitiCore is the current product.

Rips you make on a Unitiserve can be imported to a UnitiCore and will work the same way as on Unitiserve.

The answers regarding editing metadata are all in the other thread. Put briefly you only edit metadata for downloads with a PC. Rips of CDs made with Unitiserve or UnitiCore have to be edited with a Naim program and for UnitiCore the app is only available for Android and IOS.



US has been stopped in 2016. Firmware is not supported anymore but service will continue.
US and UC are compatible as for importing and using US ripped files into UC library. No need to ‘re-rip’.
UC is less flexible than UC as metadata editing function is very basic.
It is however a no-brainer. Go UC and don’t look back.

I guess our posts crossed each other David.

At least we say basically the same thing! Incidentally I think the Core metadata editing is workable except for classical music (where the desperate need to be able to edit composers and conductors is not understood by Naim apparently) and collections which are just ripped as they are and the individual works can’t be separated.

Also Steve Harris at Naim recently confirmed that they do still support the US firmware and evidenced the 1.7c update as proof of that.


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