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Just got myself a Uniti Star and plugged everything together and its already running like a dream. Question - I have a Uniti Serve chock full of tunes sat on my network and the Star has found it and they work brilliantly together - shall I leave as is, or would connection direct to the Star via a cable give better results or different/better functionality?

Some people prefer the Unitiserve with a direct connection and some with a upnp connection over ethernet. It probably makes little difference.
Or maybe you mean an ethernet connection rather than WiFi. Ethernet is usually more stable than WiFi unless your Star is located in a good strong WiFi signal place. You could always buy a cheap long ethernet cable and just drape it between Star and your router/switch to give it a try.



A direct SPDIF connection should work fine, and it should sound pretty good too, but whether it sounds better or worse than a network connection is something you would need to test for yourself. Remember that both devices need their own network connection even if you use SPDIF, so you will have more cables, not less, and your choice of location for the US may be more limited.
The user interface with the direct connection will be N-Serve to browse and select music, but you’ll still need the Naim app for volume control, so it’s not quite as slick as UPnP where everything is controlled from the Naim app.

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A bit late on this topic. I’ve actually tested both connections, and preferred the LAN one - just sounded better to my ears.

Thanks, I have now tried both and think I’ll stick to network connected!

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