Uniti star and nova DAB additional module

For those like me who live in a market where it is not possible to get the DAB module for a reasonable price, you will be glad to learn that focal/naim USA can send them thru US resellers directly.
The US module has the part number 00-010-0227 (FM de-emphasis 75 us) while the EU part number is 06-003-0153 (FM de-emphasis 50 us).
Of course Naim USA provides the US part only, but it makes no difference for the DAB+ reception, which works perfectly well. And for the few remaining FM stations, the de-emphasis offset results in a slight tone deviation (higher pitch), which doesn’t bother me at all since FM is to be turned off in Switzerland in a few years.
The addon card is a very small part easy to install for anyone who has basics in electronic and static sensitive components. Instructions are provided in the package. So far so good, I’m glad :slight_smile:
PS: please note this task should be done by a certified naim technician: opening the device may void your warranty.

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