Uniti Star and Roon

Hi I need help. First a bit of background. I have a Uniti Star and use a Roon to stream music. In the first set up I used an external WD drive to store the music. Everything worked fine.
Recently I installed an internal SSD in the Roon and disconnected the WD drive. I can still play music by using the Roon app. BUT the Uniti Star doesn’t recognise the Roon now. I can’t even get the naim focal app to work. It keeps asking me to set up a new product.
Is that normal?
I hope someone can advise me.

Is the new ssd inside the star? You’ll need to set it up as a new music store.

No. It’s in the Roon.

This has to be a network issue. Without knowing the topology, if your roon device cannot “see” the star, I would start by rebooting the router and switch.
Perhaps you can describe the setup of your network.

I have already restarted the router.
The issue is that the star won’t recognise the the Roon. I can play music via the Roon app through the star, so the Roon recognises the star.
Both the Roon and the star are connected by Ethernet through a linksys mesh. I have also restarted both linksys units as well.

I’m having a similar issue with my Uniti Core on Ethernet with a Linksys Mesh network. Wonder if there’s something in the Linksys setup that’s causing network issues?

By ‘Roon’ do you mean a Roon Nucleus, or some other computer running the Roon Core?

I don’t understand what you are trying to do when the Star doesn’t recognise Roon.

I think some screenshots of what you are seeing would help.

If it’s a roon nucleus, then you use the roon app to play music through the star. Which is working.
The star can’t use the music on the roon nucleus, it doesn’t work that way round. It’s not a networked drive that can be accessed by the star. It doesn’t need to be since it works from roon.
Your external wd drive was probably network enabled so visible by the star.

Let’s go back to the Naim app: can this see the star? As you say:

Are you looking to use the Star’s internal UPnP server to connect to the (Roon server) network attached drive and act as a UPnP server like it did when you had the WD external drive attached via USB? If, so I don’t think that works.

Right now, you are missing the UPnP server element in your setup. Roon isn’t a UPnP server, so the Naim app / Star can’t show it that way, and the built-in server in the Star can only work with locally attached files (on USB - like your external WD drive - or SD card).

Perhaps worth starting a separate UPnP server on your network (there are many to choose from, for PC or MAC or Pi or NAS, as appropriate) and point its storage location at the data/music drive on your NUC Rock or Nucleus. That might give you what you’re after.

I think this might be what doesn’t work - I think an external usb drive on a Nucleus is visible as an external share, whereas an internal drive is not. ROCK - possibly the same…

No both internal and external drives are accessible by smb network share or you would not be able to get music on it.

What are you trying to achieve? Copy ripped music via the Star to your Roon server? Or just access the music via the Naim App?

If latter then you can’t because Roon ROCK or Nucleus which I assume you are using does not run a UPnP server it’s purely a device for Roon and nothing else. Therefor the Star cannot see the storage as a UPnP music source to it. It does however have a smb share over the network which uses guest access you need to use smb://ipaddress/data/storage to access the local storage of Rock or a Nucleus device. Or \\ipaddress\data\storage. But the Star can’t see music from an external source to play unless it’s plugged in ot running a UPnPserver.

Changing the drive location should not affect the Naim app connecting to the Star it has nothing to do with the Naim app.

The path to your music on Rock NUC is:

Rock>Data>Storage>Internal Storage

Ah… wrong again!

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