Uniti Star and Totem Hawk?

Hello all, I would like to thank this forum being an incredible source of knowledge. Many recent changes in my life giving me more alone time to fully explore this hobby I’ve always been interested in.

I am new (and a latecomer) to the hobby and recently purchased a Uniti Star (70 watts into 8 ohm) and Totem Hawk floorstanding speakers (6 ohm with Totem literature recommending 30-120 watts).

My question is the following: Does the Uniti Star have enough power to drive the Totem Hawks? I have been told that the Hawks need lots of power to drive them properly. The combination sounds good to me in my room but being new to the hobby I do not have a reference point to determine if the Hawks aren’t performing to their fullest.

I thank you all in advance.


The trite answer to your question is that if the Hawks sound good to you in your room then leave well alone and just enjoy them … but not being in a trite answer mood I’ll provide some other, hopefully more helpful input.

I bought my Hawks about 10 years ago and hung them off a 202/200 and they sounded great. I upped the 202 to a 282 and they sounded better. I then replaced the 200 with a 250DR and I had never heard the Hawks sing so sweetly. Replacing the 282 with a 252 brought additional delight … but when I replaced the 250DR with a 300DR I was knocking on the door of aural bliss.

The Hawks rose to the occasion with each upgrade … surpassing their earlier performance with ease … they can/will take all the current you can throw at them and they will revel in it …

But, if they sound good to you at the moment … wallow in it and don’t worry.

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