Uniti Star - backup music store

I’m a Naim newbie - have recently acquired a Uniti Star and have almost finished ripping my CD collection to a 1TB SSD connected via the rear USB. So a lot of work done, that I don’t want to lose.


Q1: There isn’t (or at least does not seem to be) any provision for backing up the music store via the Star. I’m assuming I need to unplug the SSD from the Star, connect it to my PC and use something like Acronis True Image to clone the drive to a blank SSD. If this isn’t the best approach, can someone please educate me? And if this is the best solution, are there any pitfalls I need to avoid?

Q2: In the ripping process, a lot of my CDs (say 5%) have acquired odd metadata (French, German sleeve notes; dubious genre classifications; missing album art; etc) and quite a lot (say 5-10%) reported ripping errors. So I need to start down the path of editing tags, supplying artwork, and trying to recover the failed tracks. I’m a beginner here as well (confident with IT and coding etc but new to the world of MP3 tags, so happy to have a go and learn what needs to be learned). The reviews I’ve read suggest that MusicBrainz Picard is a good editor to use. Opinions please, and, again, if Picard is the way to go, anything to be careful with?

I’ll be pleased to get any input on these topics!

The answer to Q1 is, that is what I did. It just takes time.
Repairing metadata is just a pain and a time sink.

I back mine up to my Pc plus a external hard drive as well .

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