Uniti star Belcanto evo amp

Advice please. Im looking at the Naim Uniti Star to replace my cd player. I have a Belcanto Evo amp. Can i or should i link this amp to the Uniti Star? Would there be any benefit is it possible? Im using the Avantgarde Acoustic Duo speakers. My understanding of hifi is limited as you can see just want it to sound at its best possible! Many thanks Rob

There is a pre amp out so you could connect your ext amp. The Star sounds great on its own. I upgraded from a musical fidelity amp with chord Dac, plus musical fidelity cd transport. The Naim blew it away with sound quality.

Is your Belcanto an integrated amplifier, or a power amp. If the latter, I wonder what preamp you have? The Star is an all in one system, not just a CD player. I do wonder if, given those speakers, a Star is the right thing.

So iv just sold a Audio Aero Capitole cd with built in pre, very nice cd but time for a change with streaming options etc. Im running the speakers with a very old Quad setup at mo still sounds great just not that great!!

From what I can find about those speakers, I wouldn’t know why a Star wouldn’t be able to drive them.

Then again, the Bel Canto might, or might not be better. I’d say try it. Assuming it’s the 200.2 Evo power amplifier, you can connect it to the Star. I think you should then even be able to switch the speaker cables between the Star and Evo to easily compare.

Or does the Star switch off it’s own power amp if it “senses” something on it’s pre-out? Perhaps someone can confirm?

If you do compare, do let us know the results of course :slight_smile:

Bel Canto have a good rep. Only way to know is to try it.

Look forward to your thoughts.

Doubtless the Star would get noise out of the speakers, I just wonder if it’s good enough to be a decent match. The Star’s amplifier is always on.

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