Uniti star CD always ejected after shutdown/restart (annoying)

I mainly want to use my Uniti Star to playback CD’s (so not to rip them). When I switch off the device while I am listening to a CD or when a CD is inserted and e.g. a day later I switch back on the uniti star, the device always starts with ejecting the CD. This is annoying since if I want to continue to listen, I need to take it out and reinsert it. Can this odd choice be inhibited ?
Also is there a way to FF in a track while playing from the RC ? Without this, the playback feature seems very limited.
I also notice the display remains illuminated while playing a CD, even if I have chosen the option to auto hide.

Do you switch the Uniti star off completely? Most Naim kit likes being left on the whole time. I realise that’s not really answering your question, but might be a solution nonetheless!

From my own experience with the Star, you can only play a CD from start to finish, or pause mid way, but not FF/Rew, unfortunately, a function which I missed from my Uniti 1.
Initially, I wasn’t interested in ripping CDs, but have grown to like it, as it gives full control of replay, using the Naim app on my phone and Kindle Fire, and now have a 2 TB WD My Passport hard drive plugged in to the rear port, but a smaller flash drive would do, depending on how many CDs you want to listen to. Replay quality is excellent, too. It also allows virtually instant changes of track, or of album. I can go from Santana to Paul Simon, or Rachmaninov, by pre - selecting the next track and tapping the next track at the end of the current one.
When I was just listening to CD playback, I always ejected the disc before switching off, which I always I understood was best practice with CDs?
Also, my experience with metadata is that it is variable, it finds some obscure data, but failing to find Pink Floyd and similar stuff, so needs to be monitored.

Ah, yes, actually I forgot about that. I always take the CD out of my CD5 so the magnetic puck doesn’t compress the rubber rings on it. I’m really not sure if that applies to the Uniti Star, as it has a slot loading CD, no puck to worry about. Does the manual recommend ejecting when not in use?

I purchased the Uniti Star to playback CD’s (next to listening to DAB). I am sure the ripped quality and the ease of access is excellent, however, I still like the “ritual” of looking at the back of my CD collection, insert the CD in the player and sometimes read the booklet in the CD box. I think this is similar why people go back to LP. So the lack of having more or less basic CD playback features disappoints me a bit. The tablet app allows to put the playback at a certain position, but I am not too much a smart phone or tab adapt as I was told the complete functionality was possible from the RC. I guess I have to accept that the days of 80/90 style of HIFI equipment are over.

I tried woth ways of switching off the Uniti star (standby / low power standby), but in both cases; at the next startup the CD is ejected. I do not know why Naim programmed this or at least have no option to select the default behaviour.

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Having checked the on-line manual, there’s no specific reference to removing a CD prior to switching off, gthack.
I’m with you here, Peter3, but as most of my discs are nearby, it’s a simple matter finding a CD case, or LP sleeve, although LPs have taken a back seat just lately.
RE RC use, I find that I am having to interchange between it, and App control on my Fire or phone, but I’m still finding more functionality in the app.

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Simple answer, Rip cd to hard drive, plus have cd box nearby to look at if needed.

I bought this nice looking box because it is all in one, hence I am not so found of attaching a hard drive. The device is sold as a CD player, not only a CD ripper… If I wanted to rip, I can do this as well with a cheap PC… Even more, because I recently discovered the power of the device remains on (even the amplifier section ! - listen to your speakers …) when something is connected on the USB (see another thread I entered No power off with inserted USB (Uniti Star) - #5 by ChrisSU ). So, I think this ‘design choice’ is detrimental to the livetime of my device + I don’t like the unneeded power consumption during ‘standby’.

I always thought it was bad practice to turn off a CD player with a CD still in it, so I’ve only ever done that through forgetfulness (and usually only with a computer CD not music in a music player). However my habit goes back a long time and I have no recollection of a specific reason.

I have been a Naim user for thirty plus years and this “design choice” has been part of the DNA of Naim products in all that time, they (usually) are exceptionally long lived , and (usually ) serviceable

I have little doubt that many Stars sold today will still be operating in in fifteen /twenty years.

My CDX2 has this facility and has never failed me. It has had one service. It was bought in 2002

When it was away , I got my CD3 down which I bought just under thirty years ago, after twenty years of “sabbatical” it still worked.

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