Uniti Star - CD playback stopping and vinyl crackles


I‘m a proud new owner of my Uniti Star for 6 months, still getting use to it. However, I am concerned about the quality of CD playback whether an old CD or new one. The problems are not consistent and can happen once on a CD and then not the next time? I have done the Ground and floating switch and thought it was sorted, but it hasn’t hence me writing.

The issues (intermittent on new and old CD’s)

  1. Vinyl type crackle between some tracks or a loud pop sound.

  2. CD stops playing and unit is totally frozen so need to power off and on

Any help will be much appreciated.

That doesn’t sound right. I would contact your dealer as your Star may well have a fault.


Hi Musicneil66,
I’m having the same issue with my Uniti Star and it only happens when moving from one track to the next. My dealer loaned me another Uniti Star and it had the same issue. I’m beginning to think that there is a design issue with the unit’s CD player. Have you discussed this with your dealer?

Not yet, will do when back home. Would be good for NAIM to comment

You won’t get any comment here. Best contact Naim support for any additional info you may want.

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