Uniti Star CD player doesn't play

I bought recently a second-hand Uniti Star from 2023. I made tests (streaming, CDs playing) with the seller at his place and everything worked perfectly well.
Then I brought the Uniti Star at my home and plugged everything: since then, I exclusively used music streaming with Spotify and I’m very happy.
Yet, yesterday I wanted to try for the 1st time to insert a CD but nothing happened!
The CD was trapped inside the CD player and I had to use the manual extraction to get it out.
I turned off the Uniti Star, waited 20 sec, than turned it on, then made the test again: this time, the CD was in and the CD player menu appeared but I wasn’t unable to read the CD. Nothing happened, as if the device was not able to recognize the CD. So I tested it with different CDs and same result, except for one: the CD player mode was on and I could see a screen as if the CD was about to start… but nothing happened.
Question 1: Do you have any idea of what is the issue and I could fix it?
Question 2: the Uniti Star is connected to my home wifi. Every evening I switch off the wifi then turn it on in the morning. Do you think this “Wifi on/off” thing can have an impact on the Uniti Star?
Many thanks in advance!

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