Uniti Star Display Issue

I have a fully updated Uniti Star and I have an issue with the display.

If I check Turn Off During Playback - the display continues to continually cycle through the info screen then cover screen which is problematic in a dark room. If I choose to have the screen off I want it off.

If I leave the Turn Off During Playback unchecked the display continually cycles through the info screen then cover screen endlessly.

In both cases above the volume knob is lit up during these cycles.

I had the Star since 2017 and it has not displayed this behaviour previously. I have tried changing every setting in the app to see what causing this behaviour with no luck. I also have fully reset/unplugged and reloaded the Naim and Roon apps (display problem happens in both apps).

Thanks for your attention


Sounds like you have a fault somewhere. Before you assume that the problem is in the Star itself, do you have the remote control paired with it? If so, try putting it out of range (in a different room, or just remove the batteries) in case it has a fault.

Have you tried a factory reset of the Star?

It’s always worth unplugging from the mains, waiting a minute and then restarting it. Things just get in a muddle sometimes.

Have you tried a factory reset

naim Uniti Star

  1. Firstly unplug any connected speakers and the power cable.
  2. Press the Play/ Pause and Input buttons on the front panel while powering up the Uniti Star.
  3. Continue to hold for 5 seconds.
  4. Release the Play/ Pause and Input buttons.
  5. Wait for the Uniti Star to complete the factory reset and go into Stand-by.

Thanks, I followed above instructions and I seem to have a correctly functioning display! The Uniti Star is a terrific piece of equipment!

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