Uniti star elac vela fs407 speakers

Hi everyone
Unfortunatly iam going to part with my Uniti star and elac vela fs407s. Has anybody every sold or has any experience of selling high value equipment on popular online selling sites or can you suggest any alternative ways of selling. Its a sad sale but I dont get time to appreciate them and the funds will be better spent renovating our house.

I sold an NDX2, XPSDR and Supernait 3 on eBay a couple of weeks ago. The NDX2 sold in an hour and the other two boxes within the day. Before anyone says they must have been too cheap, that wasn’t the case. They were well priced, with really good photos and good descriptions. Take a look at the sold listings on U.K. eBay and you’ll see the relevant listings. I used an 80% off fees offer, which made it very cost effective. Payment was through the eBay system, with local collection so that buyers could check them over and ensure they were happy.

Iv heard of people taking equipment home logging a complaint and getting a refund?

Sell to a dealer. Might not get as much but you won’t be screwed .
Or how about Gumtree or Facebook marketplace. Buyer collects and you can demonstrate working and advertise as sold as seen. Take cash or bank transfer

thanks i think this is the way to go

I have sold (and bought) on eBay UK, without problems.

Has generally been less expensive items - I last sold a set of Naim A5 leads. But a few years back I sold my NAC102, a Rega Apollo, a Linn Valhalla board, an Arcam Alpha 9 and a set of SF Tripods.

But… YMMV, as always… :expressionless:

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