Uniti star for harbeth p3esr

I’m using harbeth p3esr with uniti star in small room.
It is quite satisfying to me so far.
But I frequently heard about my combination that ‘it’s good but not best’

I know p3esr is hard to drive in spite of small size.
Is it enough? or it’s just so so or something.

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It should actually be easy to drive, see for example the Stereophile review.

If you enjoy your speakers/system, just enjoy it and don’t worry.


I have a Nova with P3ESR , which was a follow on from a Rega Aethos ( a very capable but heavy amp) and prior to that an ageing 200/ 202 combo.

I was a little disappointed in the combo until 3 weeks ago , when I put a Powerline on it. An immediate and discernible increase .

My view , is listen with your ears and if you are happy - great :+1: If not you have two very good bits of kit, improve the power chord and the speaker cable and get the best out of the Star, try not to throw the baby out with the bath water


If an Atom can drive them there’s no reason a Star can’t.
Had my Atom and Harbeths a couple of years now and the sound OK to me. No intentions of changing any time soon.

All that matters is that you are happy with it. There will always be something better, no matter how much you spend and once you accept that, it’s far easier to enjoy what you have. The Star and the Harbeths are both lovely. Presumably you have some good stands for the Harbeths; they make all the difference.

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It’s a nice combo.

There are some contradictory opinions on wether the Harbeths in general are hard to drive or not. Lately the designer of the speakers Alan Shaw finally admitted that they need quite some power to open up, despite saying the opposite on their product brochure.

Some run these speakers with exotic tube amps, others think that they need some very high power amplifier to run them and that the power rating is all that matters.

There are far more important factors to consider beyond absolute sound quality and i think that the Star surely ticks many boxes when it comes to its versatility, performance and design.

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