Uniti star gets extremely hot

Bought my Uniti star in 2017. A few weeks ago it started getting extremely hot. After playing for two hours, I nearly burnt my fingers when I touched the unit. Output now has a lot of static as soon as volume exceeds 17.
Have a extrernal drive attached. Optical cable to TV and connection to the internet.
I am it getting any error messages and the unit is not giving any warning signs ir shutting down.
Any ideas where the problem lies?

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Devices such as the Uniti range can get quite warm, as they have lots packed into a tight space including chipsets that can output a good deal of heat when working hard. However there’s plenty of casework heatsinking for this so , provided you have given it plenty of air flow space to operate, getting hot to the point of almost burning fingers sounds like something has gone very wrong - possibly a component has failed or fallen out of proper spec. Out of interest, what sort of speaker cabling are you using?

I would get in touch with your dealer, especially if you are now experiencing poor performance. In the meantime, I wonder whether @NeilS has any ideas here.

If it’s getting that hot, I wouldn’t use it until it’s been checked over. You don’t want it catching fire.

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Can you post a photo or describe where it sits? In a cupboard, closed doors, on fraim etc
Also please confirm the speaker cable, and have you changed anything eg new cables etc

Have taken the unit in. Let’s see what they have to say

Cable is 10m for each speaker. Cable is LS from WSS

Err, not sure that that is enough info to be able to comment… Other than its NOT Naim cable.

I don’t think it’s a Naim Happy Cable. :scream:

The LS100 loudspeaker is based on elements of the NF cables. The “WSS string stranding” with galvanically separated individual elements is used for the conductors.

The conductor material is solid N4 pure silver with 1% gold content. All individual elements are shielded in pairs and stranded with different lay lengths and stranding angles to form the overall conductor. The primary insulations are made of foamed Teflon PTFE tape (GORE TEX).

The screens are made of TEFLON tape graphitized on both sides. The All elements are stranded with optimized lay lengths to the cable core.

The LS100 is equipped with one outward conductor and one return conductor. Both conductors are stranded with a defined lay length to the overall cable. The LS100 is assembled with WSS hollow silver bananas as standard.

Technical data / structure :

Single conductor pure silver 2 x (2 x 0.40 mm)

Insulation Teflon PTFE (Goretex)

Shielding graphitized Teflon PTFE

Total stranding 8 x 2 x (2 x 0,40mm ) stranded over a core monofilament

Total cross-section 2 x 2 x 2.00 mm²

Outer sheath Textilgeflecht black with red tracer thread

Outer diameter 7.5 ± 0.3 mm

In the warmer weather, my Star does get warm. I do have an SSD drive plugged in as I currently use it in server mode for my 222. I think when I just used a large SD is stayed cooler than with the SSD.

Although more recent Naim amps are more tolerant of a wider range of speaker cables, some “whacky” cables (as I colloquially call them) do have the potential to cause damage to the emitter resistors & Zobel network, which over long periods can adversely affect the bias current.

I’m not saying that these cables have caused this issue, but it does sound like there is a hardware fault, hopefully your dealer will help & advise.


I have this problem now with my 6 yo Uniti Nova. Gets quite hot, so hot that it would shut down by itself. Moved it to top of, rather than inside, cabinet, and that mostly solved the shut off problem. But this week it developed a hiss/buzz sound only in the right channel. Swapped speakers to be sure it’s the amp.
Using Naim power cord and Naim speaker cables.
Any suggestions?

I would take in to your Naim dealer and ask them to check it out for you.

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Will do. I’ve reached out to them via web & whatsapp but no response yet. It’s a new distributor here in Singapore. Hopefully they will reply soon.

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