Uniti Star - line out

Hi, does the Uniti Star have a line out? I’d like to get an audio signal from the CD and streamer section before the volume control, to feed into another pre-amp. I can do this with my current old Uniti1. Thanks. Best wishes Amer

No, there is only a pre out. The original Uniti/Uniti2 is the only model that ever had line out.
You can still use the pre out, but not ideal to be putting the signal through two preamps.

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Thanks for the quick response Chris, much appreciated. Looking at the spec. I was hoping that I’d understood it wrongly. Best wishes Amer

Unfortunately you were correct!

Yup, I just didn’t want to believe that Naim would remove that facility and go against their oft repeated ‘upgrade path’ policy! In this case, better power amp, pre and then maybe later adding a better streamer, while still having CD playing and ripping and radio available. According to my dealer I am not alone in people who use the Uniti just for CD and radio playback. On my Uniti1 FM still sounds significantly better than DAB or streaming - I appreciate FM will go soon, but until it does I want to enjoy it.
Keeping a line out wouldn’t have cost much, after all it isn’t cheap so a few extra quid wouldn’t have made a person look elsewhere if it was the Naim sound that they liked.
So I’ll have to think of other ways to achieve what I want (CD, ripping to storage gradually so freeing up shelf space, radio and streaming) and not increasing box count as I don’t have space for doing that in my set up. Thanks again for your help.
Best wishes Amer

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Even in the old streamer line I thought it was very strange that the SU and even the UQ didn’t have a line out. Main uses being headphone amps but also second zones, analogue-interconnected multi room, recording off FM/Phono and the like.

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