Uniti Star/ND 5 xs 2

After ripping about 400 cds to a 1tb seagate hard drive via the Star.
The Star has been moved on.
Replaced by the ND5.
Now if we plug the Seagate into the ND 5 …Nothing.
The Seagate will have to be reconfigured but during this process all the cover art will be lost.
As many of my ripped cds are not in the Star’s meta data resources they are only identified by cover art.
So I am not really sure what to do.
Abandon the project and start again with a Uniti Core or similar?
I have no lap top with which to start a ripping programme should that figure in anyone’s thoughts for a possible solution.

I’m not sure what you mean by “The Seagate will have to be reconfigured”, if you mean reformatted you will lose all data on the drive. You might be able to use a metadata editor to add missing artwork and other info, but not without a computer.
Also not sure what you mean by “many of my ripped cds are not in the Star’s meta data resources they are only identified by cover art.” If artwork has been added to the rips, I would expect other metadata to have been added at the same time.
Did you buy the ND5 from a Naim dealer? If so, I would expect a decent dealer to be standing by you and making sure you are happy with the purchase. As a bare minimum I would expect that to mean giving you back your Star and working with you to make sure that your upgraded gear works. Spending your way out of the problem by blowing £2k on a Core (which is arguably the least capable ripper/server on the market at any price in terms of metadata handling) would be at the very bottom of my list of potential solutions.

Thanks for your reply.
Firstly,I cannot fault the dealer we have worked to gether for many a year.My question to the forum was probably due to a lack of my understanding and appropriate vocabulary.
The cds ripped from Star to Seagate will not show cover art. But they will show artist and title. That would be ok but as so many of my cds were not in the database used by the Star they ripped but shew as ‘unknown’. I identified them simply by using a picture of the cd cover and transferring this picture into the Stars database. Most of the information would be known to me anyway.It annoyed me because having ripped from one Naim device I thought the information would be sufficient for the new ND5.
I think we have found a innuos Zen ripper in the back of the cupboard
We hope this will give me what I want .At a suitable price🤗
I think Naim marketing could be more helpful but hey the wouldn’t want to be telling us something the product couldn’t do.
Again thanks for your help. If the problem is not resolved I will call you back.

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